#20 Illogical Instructions Part 1: God will fight my battles

Announcements:  Reminder: My bible study, “Journey to Purpose”, is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon (print and e-format), Xulon Press, and other Christian bookstores. If you missed the E-launch feel free to watch the previously recorded Facebook Live sessions.

An important criterion for any lasting relationship is trust –trust in the word and character of a significant other. Without trust, doubt and suspicion can creep into relationships and manifests in questioning a partners motives or displaying apprehensiveness in responding to requests. The thing about trust is that it requires you to have faith in the motives, words, and character of a significant other. Trust demands that you respond favorably even when you don’t have all the information you would like. In our relationship with God, exercising trust means that sometimes we will be asked to lay aside conventional wisdom, knowledge,  experiences, and even past works of God to realize that God is doing a new thing or moving in a different way in our lives.

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#019 Journey to Purpose E-Launch

Hello All, This is just a quick reminder that the e-launch of my book, Journey to Purpose, begins Saturday, July 20, 2019, at 7:00 am (PST), which is 9:00 am (CST) and 10:00 (EST). I am so thankful to those of you who have signed up to help me over the next few weeks.

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#018 Registering for the Facebook Live E-Launch Party

Hello Everyone,

Get ready for the Facebook Live Journey to Purpose E-launch. I am hopeful that you will join in and support by participating in the E-launch of my book, Journey to Purpose. I expect us to have lively conversations, be blessed by the journey and testimony of others, and grow in our understanding and service related to our purpose in the kingdom. Thank you in advance for your support. I pray that you will be encouraged to begin or continue your pursuit of kingdom purpose as we engage in this five-week study.

E-Launch Party starts Saturday, July 20, 7:00 am (PST)

To register for the E-launch, go to my website at https://lelizabethstewart.wordpress.com/, click on the ‘Contact’ tab, fill in your name and email, and then type, “J2P registration” in the comment box. For those of you who register and participate in the E-launch, I want to make sure that you have the content of the book for discussions, so I will forward a PDF of the book. Your copy will not contain the teacher’s guide and handouts section.

Due to the time difference, the Facebook Live discussion will occur on Saturday mornings starting July 20 at 7:00 am (PST), which is 9:00 am (CST) and 10:00 am (EST). Please verify your time zone so you do not miss the discussion. Remember, I will communicate pertinent information through email, so make sure you register. Tell all your friends and family and let’s engage in this study together. To start the fun, the first person to purchase their book and email me a receipt will win a prize. Winner and prize will be announced at our first session on July 20. To forward your receipt, click on the Contact tab at the web address above and in the comments box include the date, time, and location of your purchase (i.e., Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Xulon Press) and I will respond with the email address to upload your receipt.

Please don’t forget to share on all your social media sites. The more participants we have, the more we can learn from one another.

Thank you in advance for your support and God bless.

#017 Finally! The Book is Released.

Greetings Everyone, It’s finally here! The long-awaited release of my bible study, “Journey to Purpose” is finally here. It has taken nearly a year to complete this project. My persistence and trust in God have paid off and the book is now available at major retailers. Check out my new ‘Publications’ page on this site for more information. Be sure to get your copy by July 19, 2019. I will be hosting an online book launch party via Facebook Live starting Monday, July 22. Join me for six weeks of chapter reviews, dialogue, testimonies, and lessons learned. The more participants, the more we can all learn. Plan to be inspired to discover or persist in your pursuit of purpose.

In advance, I appreciate your help in making this a successful project. You can help by spreading the word about the book to your church leaders, family, and friends. During the Facebook launch, you will have multiple opportunities to tag the book on facebook, twitter, or Instagram, and win prizes. I’m so excited to see what God does with this work. I can honestly say that I have had to read the book over-and-over and each time, I am blessed and encouraged to persist on the journey and serve intentionally.

How to register for Facebook Journey to Purpose E-Launch. To register for the E-launch, simply go to the Contact page on this site and fill in your name and email. In the comment box, simply type, “J2P registration.” I will communicate pertinent information through email. Tell all your friends and let’s engage in this study together. To start the fun, the first person to purchase their book and email me a receipt will win a prize. Winner and prize will be announced at our first session on July 22. To forward your receipt, click on the Contact page and complete the message information. In the comment box, include the date, time, and location of your purchase (i.e. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Xulon Press) and I will respond with the email address to upload your receipt.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope to hear from you at the E-Launch. Don’t forget! Register for the E-Launch on the Contact page on this site. Be sure to include your email to receive important information about the E-launch, date changes, competitions, etc. Mark your calendar for July 22. More information will be forwarded once I have your email address.

God bless and keep you,

L. Elizabeth

#016 Seeing Yourself through the Eyes of God

Have you ever wondered what God/heaven thinks concerning you? During the silent moments of your journey to purpose it is tempting to doubt yourself, doubt what you heard, and doubt that your vision will come to fruition. During these times, God may not speak to you directly; however, He will speak through the others. As I reflect on experiences this past month, I realize the unexpected ways and the unlimited ability of God to assure and confirm His purpose and the good plans He has for our future. Continue reading

#015 Good News!

Announcements: I’m going to be changing the format of the blog. From now on, I will primarily post articles instead of podcasts. I will occasionally post a podcast, for example, if I am interviewing a guest. Also, I want to let you all know that I experienced some type of malfunction with my email subscriber database and I have not been able to recover emails. If you would like to continue to receive emails, you will need to subscribe again. I will receive an email that you have subscribed and I can build the database for you to receive an email when new articles have posted to the blog. Greetings and welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting and if you find the content of value, I pray you will share the blog with your friends and family. You can click on the links (i.e. FB, Instagram, email, Twitter) to share.

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#014 Shifting for Purpose: I Moved!

Today, I’m back bringing you up to date on what’s been going on with me and why I was away for so long. If you follow the blog, you know that I have been on a journey to purpose and I’ve invited you along on my journey. Well, fasten your seat belt because today I’m talking about “Shifting for Purpose- I Moved”. Yes, that’s right! God has re-positioned me for purpose. Be sure to stay tuned next week as I discuss more of what God has been setting in motion in my life.
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#013 Journey to Purpose: Ordered Steps

I’m back! I know I have been away for quite some time now but if you will stay tuned over the next few weeks, I will fill you in on where I’ve been and what I’m doing now. It is going to be so exciting. I’m excited about what God is doing and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I sense a huge break is on the horizon for me and for you too. One of my goals today is to encourage my listeners that God is ordering our steps toward purpose. Sometimes we can endure difficult times and experience delays, rejections, denials, and silent treatments, which make us feel forgotten. Please know you are not forgotten and God will not disappoint. He may be quiet but I assure you he is up to something and it’s going to be grand. Continue reading

#012 Prayer against Dementia

Today, I’m straying away from my usual topic on purpose. I feel led to dedicate a prayer for individuals diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s and anyone suffering from the symptoms. I have personally observed the debilitation of these diseases on my family line and having witnessed the same attack on my mother, aunts, and uncles. I have decided that I will not accept the pillage of these diseases without a fight. I know my family is not alone in this struggle. Perhaps you have noted the manifestation of these diseases on your family line or manifestation for the very first time. I would like to share this simple prayer with you as well.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • The name of every disease is under the foot of Jesus –even the name of dementia/alzheimer’s
  • Provision for healing has been given… use it, accept it, take it


Matthew 10:1
James 5:15
Isaiah 53:5
Jeremiah 8:22
John 10:10
3 John 1:2

Talk Back:
Have you surrendered authority to a name that is under the feet of Jesus?

#011 Dubious Distraction of Offense

Greetings everyone. I pray you’ve received information of value from the segments about the distractions that derail purpose. If you will recall from Part 1 of our discussion on the Distraction of “Good Works”, we mentioned several types of distractions, including dubious distractions. “Dubious distractions” are distractions that come by way of a planned and assigned attack from the enemy, more specifically, offenses. Continue reading