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#23 Illogical Instructions Part 4: Provision where there is lack

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This is the final installment of our four-part series on “illogical instructions”. We learned the role trust plays in our relationship with God. If you missed Part 3, click the link at the end of this post. It bears repeating that trusting God means that we submit to God’s plan by laying aside conventional wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and even past works of God to realize that God is doing a new thing, moving in a different way in our lives, or preparing us for a breakthrough. God will give us an illogical instruction that is outside of our knowledge, wisdom, ability, or experience. We have seen how God builds our trust in Him through illogical instructions while in the midst of a battle, a move of God, or healing. God uses illogical instruction to aid in our Christian development, specifically, to build our faith and trust in Him. We have come to learn that our breakthrough is dependent on our obedience to an illogical instruction. We continue our review of instances where God gives an illogical instruction, discover areas of increased trust, and note how God uses circumstance and our obedience to an illogical instruction to bring about delivering power and provision of God.

God’s illogical instruction ensures we receive multiplied blessings.

This week, we are looking at illogical instructions that lead to provision or deliverance from lack. John 10:10 states, “The thief cometh not but for to steal, and kill, and destroy: I am come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” Lack is not a part of the kingdom and should not be the lifestyle of the believer. There are times, however, when God allows us to be in a situation or a season of lack to either, push us to believe and ask Him for what we need, or to show off His ability without us even asking. Do you recall in the eighth chapter of Mark where Jesus fed the 4000, or chapter six when He fed the 5000? In both instances, asking the crowd to sit when you know there are insufficient resources to feed the multitude must have seemed an illogical instruction to the disciples. Nonetheless, in both instances, the crowds sat down and all were satisfied. Consider the time Jesus gave Peter the illogical instruction to get money from the mouth of the fish in order to pay taxes. Just as other situations in our lives that precede a breakthrough or move of God, we will receive an illogical instruction that opens a door for provision. We know that our Father is rich in houses and land and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will move in our lives during periods of drought through an illogical instruction.

I remember when God asked me to relocate to Washington. He also instructed me to sell my home in Texas. When I first moved to Washington several years earlier, I did not sell my home. This time, God was emphatic that I sell my home. Recall that when I moved back to Washington, I did not have a job. However, following God’s illogical instruction to return without a job, He provided a nice apartment home – approved without a job. As amazing as that was, it’s not the most amazing part of the story. I enjoyed living in that apartment, but a few months in, I started to get a push for homeownership. Although I tried to settle myself to living in an apartment, there was this push to desire more and not be comfortable where I was. I told myself things like I can’t afford it; housing is too expensive, or I’m sure I could ever afford a home in my area. When I wanted to close my mind to the idea of owning a home, God pushed me to ask. He brought me to Mark 10:29-30 where He says no one has left house or brothers, or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake, and for the gospel, who did not receive a hundredfold now in this time and eternal life. Shortly after this, I received an illogical instruction to go house hunting. This made no sense to me due to the housing market; and what I knew about my resources. The market wasn’t just hot, it was an inferno. However, because of my obedience to God’s illogical instruction, and at the risk of looking foolish or being pitied by the homebuilders, I went house hunting. Long story short, I’m in my new home, built from the ground, in a community with stunning views of the mountain.

Recall earlier where I stated sometimes God allows us to be in situations we cannot manage on our own. We cannot produce the promise outside of Him. In times of lack, this means that your resources are limited intentionally to push you to ask or rely on God’s resources. In my case, this is why looking for a home seemed an illogical instruction. My resources did not match the Washington economy. However, God not only blessed me with a home built from the ground, But He also gave me a home that far exceeded my understanding of what I thought I could have. God’s blessings and provision are in accord with His plan, promises, and purpose for our lives.

The more we realize that illogical instructions are a part of our spiritual development, the more we will realize provision in times of lack. There are times when the illogical instruction requires you to give the promise back to God. That is what He did with Abraham by asking him to sacrifice Isaac, and that is what He did with me by asking me to sell my home in Texas. Surely, a request to sacrifice the very thing God promised is an illogical instruction. However, God ensures the completion and manifestation of the fullness of His promises. God will ask you to sacrifice the seedling of the promise so that He can increase the promise exponentially. Don’t be afraid of the illogical instruction. It is a sign that God is getting ready to give increase, to expand your territory, influence, and resources; and bless you beyond your understanding.

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Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Whenever God gets ready to do something new in our lives or cause a great shift, He will give an illogical instruction that defies man’s wisdom and understanding
  • God will give illogical instructions outside of your experience, understanding, and knowledge during periods of lack so that He gets the glory
  • God allows our dreams and visions to be beyond our resources to build our trust and faith in Him
  • God will give an illogical instruction during seasons of lack to reveal his resources and ability as a provider
  • We will receive provision as we obey God’s illogical instruction


  • Isaiah 53:4-5
  • John 10:10
  • 3 John 1:2
  • II Kings 5:14
  • Luke 17:11-19


What illogical instruction has God given you during a season or experience of lack?

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