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#21 Illogical Instructions Part 2: Noah – A move of God

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This is the second in our four-part series on “illogical instructions”. Last week, we talked about the role that trust plays in our relationship with God. If you missed that post, click the link at the end of this post. The important part that bears repeating is that trusting God means that we submit to God’s plan by laying aside conventional wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and even past works of God to realize that God is doing a new thing or moving in a different way in our lives. Sometimes, God will give us an illogical instruction that is outside of our knowledge, wisdom, ability, or experience. Recall that God builds our trust in Him by giving us an illogical instruction while in the midst of a trying situation like sickness, lack, a move of God, or a battle. Since illogical instructions are a part of our Christian development, we need to understand when, why, and to what end God gives us illogical instructions. A thoughtful understanding of illogical instructions will help us accept the illogical instructions we receive while on our journey to or while fulfilling purpose. We will continue our review of instances where God gives an illogical instruction, discover areas of increased trust, and note how God uses circumstance and our obedience to an illogical instruction to bring about a move of God and fulfill His purpose and plan.

This week, we are looking at illogical instructions during a shift or move of God. There are a wealth of biblical examples to draw from with regard to illogical instructions that usher in a move of God, such as Moses delivering the children of Israel, Noah and the ark, which we will discuss today, and Joseph marrying Mary. Whenever God gets ready to do something new in our lives or cause a great shift, He will give an illogical instruction that defies man’s wisdom and understanding. This was the case during the days of Noah. God desired a do-over of mankind and His intent was to purify the earth through the water. His instruction for Noah to build an ark seemed illogical because God said He would destroy every living thing on the earth with a flood: A magnitude of water never before seen. Some say that no one in Noah’s time had ever seen rain based on Genesis 2:5-6, which would definitely make God’s instruction illogical. Others say it was the magnitude of water never seen. Hebrews 11:7 seems to support the notion that no one had ever seen rain before, so I imagine to the inhabitants of the land, Noah building an ark seemed ridiculous and certifiable without a doubt. However, God, true to His word, did send the flood and because of his obedience to an illogical instruction, Noah and his family were spared.

God gives an illogical instruction when He is ready to do a great move or shift your circumstances.

Joseph is another example of how God gives an illogical instruction when He is ready to do a great move. God gave Joseph an illogical instruction when He told him to marry Mary despite the fact that she was already pregnant. The customs of the time permitted Joseph to put Mary away –meaning he could walk away from the marriage commitment. During this period, women were required to be virgins when they married and any man who learned of his betrothed’s infidelity on the night of the wedding was deemed wronged and was entitled to a divorce. Meanwhile, the woman and the offending man were entitled to death. This speaks to the seriousness of the situation. Nevertheless, Joseph, not knowing God’s full plan, obeyed the illogical instruction of God and became the surrogate father to the King of kings, Jesus. What we note in each example is that these individuals obeyed the illogical instruction even at the risk of appearing weak or facing harsh criticisms.

In my book, Journey to Purpose, I share a personal story of how when God was ready to do a new thing in my life and shift me for purpose, He gave me the illogical instruction of moving across the country without a job. I know many individuals –some friends, some acquaintances that share the same testimony. I’ve had the opportunity to sit at the feet of mega-millionaires who shared how the next major shift or move that catapulted their company or ministry did not happen until they obeyed an illogical instruction to move to a different state.

An illogical instruction is not just about moving out of state. Perhaps God has told you to start a business and you’ve never taken a business course in your life. Maybe God has instructed you to start a ministry and you’ve never participated in a Bible study much less taken seminary courses. Maybe you just feel like the least likely person to minister in the arena God is calling you to because of your past, or even your present for that matter. Perhaps God is asking you to serve alongside someone in ministry through marriage or business relationship; however, a partnership with this person is outside the scope of your current ability to comprehend. Sometimes God will give illogical instructions that will cause us to move outside of our area of expertise or outside of our comfort zone. This is what happened in Noah’s case and in mine. Noah knew nothing of rain or floods but he trusted God. I have never been without a job before and certainly never quit one before having another one lined up. However, out of obedience that is what I did. Because of my obedience, God replaced the things I sacrificed to fulfill His purpose.

The Bible illustrates that Noah did not question the illogical instruction of God. Even though he might not have ever seen rain, and definitely not a flood, he placed his trust in God. God was speaking of things outside his realm of knowledge or experience. Because of his obedience, he received the favor of God for his entire family. Likewise, Joseph also received favor by being obedient during a move of God. I too have received the favor of God by obeying His illogical instructions. Trusting God when things don’t line up to our understanding, knowledge, or experiences positions us for blessings and favor untold.  Trust is a part of any loving relationship and I Corinthians 2:9 tells us that, “Eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the hearts of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” God certainly increased Noah’s trust in Him as a faithful God. I know He increased my trust and faith in Him to know that although His plan seems illogical or out of my realm of understanding and wisdom, His plan always makes sense by-and-by. I realized that obeying an illogical instruction was part and parcel of experiencing a move of God or shift in my life. The beauty of both experiences is that the participants get to be a part of a move of God and bring about the fulfillment of His purpose.

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Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Whenever God gets ready to do something new in our lives or cause a great shift, He will give an illogical instruction that defies man’s wisdom and understanding
  • God will give illogical instructions outside of your experience, understanding, and knowledge
  • God gives illogical instructions to build our trust and faith in Him
  • Illogical instructions are part and parcel of our spiritual development
  • Obeying God’s illogical instructions ensures that we will receive His favor in our life


  • Genesis 6-9
  • I Corinthians 2:9


What illogical instruction has God given you that lead to a major move or shift around you?

Are you willing to look like a fool to experience a move of God in your life?

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