#21 Illogical Instructions Part 2: Noah – A move of God

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This is the second in our four-part series on “illogical instructions”. Last week, we talked about the role that trust plays in our relationship with God. If you missed that post, click the link at the end of this post. The important part that bears repeating is that trusting God means that we submit to God’s plan by laying aside conventional wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and even past works of God to realize that God is doing a new thing or moving in a different way in our lives. Sometimes, God will give us an illogical instruction that is outside of our knowledge, wisdom, ability, or experience. Recall that God builds our trust in Him by giving us an illogical instruction while in the midst of a trying situation like sickness, lack, a move of God, or a battle. Since illogical instructions are a part of our Christian development, we need to understand when, why, and to what end God gives us illogical instructions. A thoughtful understanding of illogical instructions will help us accept the illogical instructions we receive while on our journey to or while fulfilling purpose. We will continue our review of instances where God gives an illogical instruction, discover areas of increased trust, and note how God uses circumstance and our obedience to an illogical instruction to bring about a move of God and fulfill His purpose and plan.

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