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Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting. I am so excited to see you and hope you will subscribe and go with me on the journey to purpose. My prayer is that the blog will bring focus, inspire, and shift you toward your God-ordained purpose. Through prayer, fasting, and divine messengers, I learned that God’s call for my life includes exhortation and one medium he uses for this is writing.  Sometimes God reveals purpose like pulling back the layers of an onion and sometimes we are thrust into purpose. However you arrive at purpose,  I pray God’s blessing on the journey.

Before I get too far, allow me to introduce myself. My name is L. Elizabeth. My childhood friends know me as Lisa and that redundancy has plagued me for a lifetime. It’s kinda like Rob Robert or Will William, don’t you think?  The years my mother and I went round and round about my name. At least I know Lisa derives from Elizabeth which is derived from the Hebrew name, Elisheba meaning oath of God, God is satisfaction or consecrated to God. So, in mom’s defense, she meant “yah and amen”. The important thing is that I know who I am and whose I am. 

The greatest gift in my life is being a citizen of the kingdom, saved by grace through the redemptive work of Christ and by my faith. Like many others, I held a distorted view of God’s perspective of me. I overcame the negative speech of the enemy and I am in relentless pursuit of purpose. I’m so grateful to realize how much and how unconditionally God loves me; enough to send his Son to die …just for me. This is amazingly good news! I am blessed to be a part of the kingdom and have the opportunity to cooperate and serve heaven’s agenda for kingdom manifestation and influence on earth. Admittedly, I miss the assignment on occasion, but I remain steadfast because the race is rigged for the endurer. 

My personal journey to purpose began several years ago and is still unfolding. Like me, when you seek God concerning your gift and purpose, you will be rewarded with an answer. I came to know that I am an exhorter and serving others in this way is the one thing that even if I am feeling down, I’m rejuvenated to witness others come to a place of knowledge, revelation, and peace concerning purpose. I am passionate about exhorting others to endure their race and break free from blockades that derail or conceal purpose. Communicating and sharing with others through my blog is one way I use my gift to exhort and influence the body toward kingdom purpose.

Discovering purpose is the most rewarding gift you can receive. I pray that you will initiate, continue, or persevere toward the discovery of your God-given purpose. God has created, called, and gifted you for specific kingdom work. No one can do that work like you can. This work was established before God hung one star in the universe. You are unique and your gift and service is needed to advance the kingdom.

I pray you will join me on this journey.

L. Elizabeth

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