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Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so excited to see you and hope you will subscribe and visit me again. I hope you find something on my blog that will bring focus, inspire you, and shift you toward a purposeful life. For fun, I’ll share some fun projects and crafts that I like to attempt. But, enough with that let me share a little bit about myself and what I hope to accomplish.

I’m a single mother of one. My favorite son married his best friend summer 2016. They are the cutest, sweetest couple, and if you didn’t know better, you might think they’re relatives. I have long been an empty-nester; however, I now care for my mother.  I share custody with my eldest sister, one of eight siblings. She has weekdays and I have weekends and holidays. I am a teacher by trade and have held positions at varying levels in the educational system. I love travelling and I have visited some pretty amazing places like Paris, France for my 40th birthday, a 14-day Mediterranean cruise for my 50th, and lots of places in between. You will most likely find me somewhere near water after retirement.

I am a member of a mega-church in Dallas, Texas. But, the most important thing about me is that I am a citizen of the Kingdom saved by grace through the redemptive work of Christ and by my faith. Like many others, I held a distorted view of God’s perspective of me. I’m so grateful to realize God loves me so unconditionally; enough to send His Son to die for me. This is Amazing!

I am blessed to be a part of the Kingdom and have the opportunity to cooperate with heaven and do my part for Kingdom manifestation and influence on earth. Admittedly, I miss the assignment on occasion, but I remain steadfast because this race is rigged for the endurer.  So, what made me want to start blogging at this stage of life? The answer is simple –purpose.

After seeking God about my gifts and purpose, I came to understand that I am an exhorter and serving others in this way is the one thing that even if I am feeling down, I become rejuvenated when I am instrumental in bringing others to a place of joy, freedom, and understanding through exhortation. Also, after having overcome depression for lack of God-directed purpose, I became passionate about helping others endure their race and gain freedom from blockades that derail or conceal purpose.  Communicating and sharing with others through my blog is one way I can use my gifts to work my purpose to arrive at my destiny.


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