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#010 Distraction of “Good Works” Part 2

Greetings everyone. I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to Part 1 of our segment the Distraction of “Good Works”. This week we are continuing with Part 2. I pray last week’s topic was helpful or at least gave cause for consideration.

This week we are continuing our discussion as we look more specifically at the outcomes of performing “good works” oppose to the God-designed work for our lives. We will review learning from week one then unpack this concept of “good works further from the teachings of Paul. Stay tuned next week as we continue to identify distractions that derail the uncovering of purpose.

Meme 009 Distractions Good Works 2

If you desire to identify distractions that may be hindering your discovery of purpose, listen to today’s podcast and the upcoming series on distractions. To listen to podcast #009 click here.

Highlights from today’s podcast:

  1. “Good works” are inferior activities and works of the flesh, done in vain, outside of our specific calling and abilities, that will be consumed by fire, I Corinthians 3:10-15
  2. God is methodical, precise, and intentional. He has specific labor for us. Exodus 26-31, I Corinthians 15:58
  3.  Precious stones and minerals are symbolic of our specific gifts and talents used in our specific work or assignment in order to build and edify the kingdom. Hay, wood, and straw are shallow activities with no eternal value and amount to wasted time and energy. I Corinthians 3:10-15
  4. God-given assignments or directives sometimes appear as a paradox to the promises and commandments of God, Genesis 22:1-19, Matthew 19:16-19, James 2: 25-26, “good works”  though covert, are always in direct opposition to the specific work of God prepared for us and his specific will for us.  I Corinthians 3: 10-15, 2 Peter 1:10


Bevere, J. (2016). Driven by Eternity. Palmer Lake, CO: Messenger International, Inc.


Talk Back:

  1. What God-given assignment or directive do you have that seems like a paradox (conflict with/contrast to) to all you think to be right and just?
  2. Can you identify the presence of “good works” in your life that appear just and right but in hindsight are covertly in direct disobedience to the specific calling, labor, or assignment God has for you?
  3. Do you know which precious stones or minerals you supply for the building of the kingdom?
  4. In what ways has your service mirrored inferior materials such as wood, hay, or straw?


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