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#011 Dubious Distraction of Offense

Greetings everyone. I pray you’ve received information of value from the segments about the distractions that derail purpose. If you will recall from Part 1 of our discussion on the Distraction of “Good Works”, we mentioned several types of distractions, including dubious distractions. “Dubious distractions” are distractions that come by way of a planned and assigned attack from the enemy, more specifically, offenses. The gospels of Matthew and Luke record and signify the power of offenses. It is an effective strategy to derail our efforts and success in finding and serving on purpose. Do you think it interesting that Jesus specifically mentioned offenses? He warned us to beware and emphasized the inevitability of offenses. This is because He knows the impact an offense can have on the life and destiny of a believer.

#011 Dubious Distractions_Page001Discovering purpose is one of the most important accomplishments as a citizen of the Kingdom. It is important to understand that the enemy will not sit idly by while you pursue heaven for answers regarding purpose and destiny, nor while serving on purpose.  Listen to today’s podcast as we discuss the effects of offense and share the best defense to an offense.

If you desire to identify distractions that may hinder your discovery of purpose, listen to today’s podcast and the upcoming segments on distractions. To listen to podcast #010 click here.

Highlights from today’s podcast:

  1. Beware of offenses, Matthew 18:7, Luke 17:1
  2. Understand the power and significance of offense to thwart purpose and destiny
  3. Giving place to offense can ensnare us in unforgiveness, among many other sins
  4. Communication about purpose and destiny is blocked when we walk in unforgiveness
  5. The best defense against an offence is to exercise humility and forgiveness


Talk Back:

  1. What offense has/has attempted to ensnare you on your journey to purpose?
  2. In what way were you tempted to sin –lust, emotions, or pride? Explain.
  3. What will you do to guard against the impact of offense?


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