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#009 Distraction of “Good Works” Part 1

Have you noticed any time you set a goal to accomplish a task or improve any area of your life that something or someone always seems to come along and deter you from that goal? In today’s podcast, We will discuss distractions we face on the journey toward purpose.

Sometimes distractions wear the mask of “good works”. Often the grind of day-to-day activities and responsibilities such as home, work, or school are a barrier to purpose. There are occasions when the distractions are self-imposed because we have not learned to say no or prioritize responsibilities. At other times, influencers that are more dubious are to blame.  Today we will focus on the distraction of “good works”.

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If you desire to identify distractions that may be hindering your discovery of purpose, listen to today’s podcast and the upcoming series on distractions.. To listen to podcast #008 click here.

Highlights from today’s podcast:

  1. We are created especially, gifted uniquely, and called distinctively for God’s own purpose, Exodus 31:1-11
  2. “Good works” are not a substitute for obedience to the assignment or path of God for us, I Samuel 15: 1-23
  3. The call and will of God may take us from home, family, and lands but obedience brings a hundredfold reward in this life and eternal life, Matthew 19: 16-19





Talk Back:

  1. Are you busy doing “good works” but still feel unfulfilled? What has the Holy Spirit impressed upon you in the way of specific work?
  2. What is the emotional challenge to walking out in faith and doing the specific assignment of God?
  3. What is the physical challenge to walking out in faith and doing the specific assignment of God?
  4. What steps will you take to overcome emotional and physical challenges?

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