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#007 Closed Doors and Grace for the Journey

Are you in a season of discovering purpose or discovering the next phase or purpose for your life? While on the journey for purpose we can face disappointments and experience emotional turmoil which often stems from closed doors. God gives us glimpses of our destiny but he never reveals the processes involved for the journey. The journey for purpose requires that we be steadfast in the midst of disappointments and emotional pain. Our minds filled with unending questions –when Lord when, what Lord what, how Lord how, and why Lord why, cause us angst.

We are required to be patient as God unfolds piece by piece our purpose and ultimate destiny. However, we can become so emotionally enthralled with the closed doors and lack of responses to our flurry of questions that we lose hope or belief in our destiny. We can’t grasp how any of what we’re going through is related to where we’re going to. It is a painful process but there is always grace on the journey.

While we search for purpose we can glean as much about our purpose from the closed doors as we can from open doors.  Closed doors also give evidence of God’s will for us. In today’s podcast, I hope that you will come to see the importance of embracing closed doors and identifying areas in your life where God has given grace.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Closed doors are just as important as open doors in our journey toward purpose
  • God gives grace on the purpose journey
  • Purpose can be found where grace abounds


  • Genesis 39 –  Joseph in prison
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9 – Paul’s prayer for removal of a thorn
  • Genesis 12 – Journey of (Abram) Abraham
  • 1 Samuel 16 – Journey of David

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Talk Back!

After you listen to the podcast, I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s podcast.

  1. What situation is God using to perfect you for purpose?
  2. Have you experienced closed doors? If so, please share.
  3. Can you identify areas where God has given you grace to succeed?


5 thoughts on “#007 Closed Doors and Grace for the Journey

  1. I have enjoyed your blog page. Knowing who I am in Christ is the main reason I can move forward and seek God’s will for my life. Especially after going through what I’ve had to go through these past 11 1/2 months. If it were not for His grace I don’t know where I would be right now. I’ve found that His word and prayer has been my strength. I’m finding who I am as a newly single person. Learning again to hear his voice for myself, by myself. Just He and I


    • Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad that you found something of encouragement here. We certainly go through seasons of learning to accept the the sufficiency of God’s grace – that is to say what He allows. I often reflect on a song titled, Accept what God Allows written by Richard “Mr. Clean” White and sung by He and Twinkie Clark. It does help me when I am forced to face difficult times. I typed the words below and you can google the two singing this song on Youtube:
      Accept what God allows. You’re better off anyway
      Face the facts and you will never stray
      Turn your faith loose he will bring you out and give you all the proof
      So, don’t question God
      Just accept, accept, accept what God allows
      Accept what God allows
      Even when you don’t understand it’s working for your good
      Accept every trial and accept that even now he’ll give you a smile
      Put it in His hands because He has the master plan
      Your trial is but a stepping stone that will lead you to that heavenly home.


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  3. My closed door deals with sickness in my body. For several years I have dealt with pain. God knows I need this body to perform and there are days that I can barely move.
    But here are some revelations :
    * Pain keeps me from overdoing things. I used to be the person involved in several ministries, taking on projects that required much time. That was ok, but I now realize you can’t hear from God when you are over committed. Basically, you are going through the motions, praying quickly, not having time to focus or listen because you are busy doing church work. I believe it is more important to focus on one thing that God has revealed to you that you are good at and allow that gift to dominate your service to God and allow Him to direct you to other gifts.
    * My sickness has allowed me to understand the suffering of others and be able to have empathy for those incapacitated with pain and suffering. I am better able to relate, have discussion with and know how to pray with them.
    * Sickness has put me in a place of constant prayer. Because it is difficult to pray on my knees, I pray everywhere and anywhere that i feel comfortable. I call on Jesus just by mentioning His name throughout the day, asking Him to help me.
    * I never dreamed I would be in this condition, but pain has made more determined to serve God no matter what my condition. Nothing will separate me from the love if God. We must know that quoting scripture is not a bunch of talk but God given words of encouragement that gives us power to perform in spite of our situations.


    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. This is a good word and awesome revelation. I am going to tweet a couple of these if you don’t mind. I especially like, “You can’t hear from God when you’re over-committed, and Sometimes you can be too busy doing -church work.” Do you know if God is birthing a gift of healing along with the sympathy?


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