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#004 How Do I Uncover My Purpose?

Today I’m back with Part 2 in the 3-Part series on “Purpose”. Earlier this week we addressed the question, Does God Have a Plan for My Life? If you have not had a chance to listen to Part 1, please do so.  I believe you will find information that is helpful in your search for purpose.

Today we are answering the question How Do I Uncover My Purpose? Take heart because discovering purpose is a journey that will lead to your ultimate destiny. It is important to remember that while on the journey, purpose may look different in various seasons of life.

During my search for purpose, I came to the realization that God will not reveal everything at once. He gives instruction and information then gives you space to be obedient and be proven trustworthy at the first level. God will then provide more information and instruction as your character can handle and your spirit can release. After praying and fasting regarding my gifts, I believe that God has called me to write and exhort. Remember, you will not have all the information you need as you start your journey. You will need to continue to pray as you take steps of faith toward that pull and calling God has on your life.

I pray that you will find your reason for being. I pray you learn your part of the body; whether you are the hand that carries, the head that directs, the feet that support, or the heart that pumps life. Whatever your purpose in the body, I encourage you to stay on the journey, or start the journey if you have not done so that you may serve and bring to completion the plan of the Kingdom of God.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • The road to a purpose begins and ends with prayer
  • Purpose is a journey
  • Spiritual gifts, enemies, friends, family, and clergy can provide clues to my purpose
  • Walking in purpose will propel you toward destiny and a life of fulfillment and joy
  • A leap of faith is required


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Talk Back!

After you listen to the podcast, I would love to hear the story of your search for purpose.

  • What started you on your journey?
  • What was your process for uncovering purpose and what advice would you give to others searching for purpose?
  • What resources can you share which were helpful to you in your search for purpose?


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