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#33 Messages from God: If you can hear the sound of my voice, Pray!!!

Zion, wake up!! The battle is raging and the enemy is launching an all-out attack on all of God’s created. If we understood the power of prayer to change outcomes from the enemy’s assaults, we would pray without ceasing. One can put a thousand devils to flight, two ten thousand. There are many who are praying without ceasing but more intercessors are needed for this great spiritual battle happening right now. This battle is for health, marriages, the innocent, and the very elect. The spirits of hatred and anger are leading demonic forces to wreak havoc on earth. If you cannot hear God’s call for prayer, if you cannot see in the spirit realm the battle that is raging between the heavenly hosts and the prince of the air, you are sleeping. Zion, wake up!!!

God has given believers the keys to tipping the battle, opening the floodgates of heaven, removing pestilence, and ensuring His will on earth. In Chronicles 7:14, the Lord gives us a condition by which we can change circumstances. When we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear our prayers and deliver us. Prayers of all believers are needed for this current battle playing out before our very eyes. Saving children –unborn and born alike. Premature deaths due to loosened restrictions on guns and weapons, and increased perversions, biases, and wickedness of mankind acting out under the influence of evil spirits. In our world we see the outcome of the consorted, calculated, and unified work of the demonic world; forces working together for a common goal. Demonic forces are implementing orders to instill hate, anger, pestilence, disagreement, and chaos in this world. What we don’t see is how the angels are supported to block demonic influence through our prayers. The more we pray, the more successful angels are at defeating demonic forces.

From the book of Daniel (10:12), we learn that there are fierce battles taking place in the spirit realm in which Satan and his forces try to interrupt God’s messages and plans. I believe it was the unwavering prayers of Daniel that ensured help from a commanding angel so that the message from heaven arrived as God planned. Recall in the battle with the Amalekites that as long as Moses stretched out his hands, Israel prevailed in the battle. However, when Moses lowered his hands, the Amalekites would prevail. I view the raising of Moses’ hands as an appeal to God for victory. This battle illustrates the power of prayer to change circumstances and foil Satan’s plans. So, how do we turn the tide on this onslaught of the enemy, especially in light of recent and current events? How do we support heaven and bring God’s will to earth?

As believers, our ears should be open to hearing the will and plan of God. We should be aware of the battle plan on some level. No army sends its troops into war without sharing some intel and plans for battle. And, the soldier’s motto is to never leave a soldier behind. This means we must seek to understand and know the strategy of heaven and our required actions to support the heavenly hosts and influence outcomes in the spirit realm. We must be aligned with God through relationship and holy living. We must recognize and respond to the voice of God, and we must increase our connection and concern for what concerns God.  We can accomplish this and much more through prayer. We learn from Jeremiah 33:3 that if we call (pray) to Him, He will tell us great and hidden things unknown to us in order to bring about His will. He will direct our paths so that we can know what to pray in order to support the heavenly hosts who are engaging in fierce battles in the spirit realm. It all begins with listening ears that are sensitive to the voice of God.

I pray that Zion will wake up and recognize the impact of prayer on outcomes in the spirit realm. As long as we pray without ceasing, our side will prevail.

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Highlights from Today’s Post:

  • Believers can change third world problems and outcomes of spiritual battles through prayer (Chronicles 7:14)
  • Daniel 10:12 illustrates how the prayers of the believer support angels in a spiritual battle and ensure God’s intended outcome
  • Prayers of the believer have a direct impact on battles in the spiritual realm (Exodus 17:11)
  • If we pray to God, He will open our eyes to spiritual matters so that we understand how to support heaven in bringing about God’s plan on earth (Jeremiah 33:3)

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