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#31 Messages from God: When God Says, “Trust Me”

When God says, “Trust Me”, what comes to mind? In the bible, these words are meant to bring comfort and assurance before or during a trial, a transition, or a setup for an enormous blessing. That is not to say that an enormous blessing will come without challenge or transition. In some cases, a blessing is the ultimate outcome and is different than when the ultimate outcome is for an increase in knowledge, endurance, patience, or the ability to endure suffering. When I hear the phrase, “Trust Me”, from that still, small voice, I stop what I’m doing, my head tilts slightly to the left, my eyes shift from side to side, followed by the questions, huh, what’s going on, and what is this about? There is usually never an answer to my initial flurry of questions just a repeat of the phrase, “Trust Me.” Thankfully, I am able to reflect on the knowledge and responses I’ve gleaned over the years when I’ve heard this phrase.

Past experiences have taught me to ask questions, to listen intently for instruction and directions, to take action when instructed, to be still when there is no direction, to be aware of distractions and false instructions, and to beware of what I share with others. In fact, my practice is never to share words of knowledge or movements that are private between God and me until there is a testimony, or until the appointed time.

Over the years, I have come to equate the phrase “trust me” with the phrase “fear not”, which was often exclaimed by angels before an announcement of a trial, a transition, or a setup for a blessing. I believe the statements are analogous because trust simply cannot exist without some level of fear. Perhaps I’m overthinking the relationship and the phrase ‘trust me’ is simply the new ‘fear not’ as we typically don’t go around speaking in Old English vernacular.  In either case, hearing that phrase is a notice from God that something is going to happen that is bigger than me, that is outside of my ability to control, outside of my scope of knowledge of things present and future, and which, will require me to place my trust in Him.

I recall examples in the bible where ordinary people, like Mary (Luke 1:30-33), Joseph (Matthew 1:20), and Abram (Genesis 26:24) heard the phrase, “fear not.” Their encounter served notice of enormous blessings that also included challenges and transitions. Only God knows, and we in part, the generational impact of their trust in Him. Each of these individuals faced challenges, believed against odds, trusted in the face of fear, and received enormous blessings. From my experiences, I have received enormous blessings through receiving the words ‘trust me.’ After receiving an announcement, “Trust Me”, and being obedient to instructions to move to a new state without a job, I received confirmation of my Kingdom purpose. In addition, I was blessed with a job and a home -built from the ground. As He promised, no man (or woman) has left houses or land for the Kingdom’s sake and did not receive 100-fold in this life in return. Although my salary was significantly lower, God blessed me with that home in a state where the housing market is among those of the most consistently hot in the US.

When I reflect on the ask to trust and see the outcomes of my obedience, I’m made to laugh and shake my head. In fact, in every circumstance where God asks that I trust Him, the outcome turned out far better than alright; better than anything I had imagined, and far better than what I asked for. When the Word says He can do exceeding, abundantly, above all you can ask or think (Eph. 3:20), He can and He will! And, He will make you laugh.

I am learning that the outcome when God says, “Trust Me”, will be a blessing that keeps on giving. Over and over circumstances arise as a reminder that the existence of favor and blessing in my life is a direct outcome of trusting God when I could not fathom His plan and being obedient when He said move even though taking action at the time made no sense to me at all (Proverb 3: 4-6). I know I would not be in a position of favor and blessing in an unstable economy and global health crisis where the odds should be stacked against me. I understand how trusting Him then has opened doors for bigger and future related blessings, if I continue to trust Him.

I hope that you will come to be assured of the favor and blessing that comes when God says, “Trust Me.”

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  • When God says, “Trust Me”, it is to bring comfort and assurance before and during a trial, a transition, or a setup for an enormous blessing
  • Trust does not exist without some level of fear
  • The outcome of trusting God can lead to enormous blessings that have a generational impact
  • When you hear the still, small voice that says, trust Me, you can expect a transition or challenge that leads to an enormous blessing that keeps on giving
  • When you hear God say, ”Trust Me”, you are favored to be blessed and He will cause you to laugh as He does exceedingly, abundantly, above what you could ask or think


  • Genesis 26:24
  • Matthew 1:20
  • Luke 1:30-33
  • Ephesians 3:20

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