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#015 Good News!

Announcements: I’m going to be changing the format of the blog. From now on, I will primarily post articles instead of podcasts. I will occasionally post a podcast, for example, if I am interviewing a guest. Also, I want to let you all know that I experienced some type of malfunction with my email subscriber database and I have not been able to recover emails. If you would like to continue to receive emails, you will need to subscribe again. I will receive an email that you have subscribed and I can build the database for you to receive an email when new articles have posted to the blog. Greetings and welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting and if you find the content of value, I pray you will share the blog with your friends and family. You can click on the links (i.e. FB, Instagram, email, Twitter) to share.

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I believe 2019 is the year of taking territory for the kingdom. There was so much alignment in 2018. So many individuals began to take leaps of faith toward purpose and I am witnessing the fruit in the lives of many around me. Things are happening so fast, I can barely record one update before a new door opens or manifestation of the glory of God is revealed. It seems I have entered a harvest and season of acceleration, for which, I gladly receive. I’m back this week to complete the series I started on where I’ve been and why I was away so long. I will briefly recap a few experiences from previous podcasts so that this makes sense. Several years ago, I moved to the northwest and God let me know that I did not move here for the new job I’d received, but for kingdom purpose with the northwest as my assigned territory. However, before I sought God further on this, I returned to Texas to help care for my mother. My journey became extraordinarily intense at that point, as I was lead to discover my gift of exhortation (among others) and my calling to exhort through writing. This calling was confirmed through three separate prophecies; once in Texas and twice in Washington. If you listened to Podcasts #013 and #014, you know the details of how my steps were ordered to move back to the northwest this past summer. And so, at the culmination of it all, there is more good news to share about the grace for the journey and the manifestation of fruit from right alignment.

Gibralter Tunnel


The good news is, coming spring 2019 I will release my first book! It comes complete with a teacher’s guide and handouts for group study. For individual study, readers can use internal journal pages and/or a reflection handout. Being chosen to write this book gives me great honor. As the inspired author, I’ve had to read it over and over and it continues to bless me over and over. I received so much grace to complete this book for the kingdom: A work, I accept as the first of many.  Work on the book contributed to my extended absence last summer and fall, not to mention the move. All that has and is transpiring since repositioning for purpose astonish me. Within a few weeks of my return to the northwest, the Lord instructed me to write this book. I was able to write the bulk of the book in a two and a half-month period. Talk about the grace of God. The additional time, up to this point, included developing the study guide and handouts, having others read and review for content and ease of reading, and editing. I can report today that the project is complete and with the publisher as I write this article.

Once I receive the manuscript for my final approval, I will share the title and additional details. Also, if you would like to participate, I will be leading a six-week Bible study through the book. Simply email me and I will contact you closer to time. None of this would have been possible if I had not sought God regarding my purpose, walked in obedience with every illogical instruction, and believed that God has a purpose for my life.

I leave you with this encouragement for today. There is no greater joy than knowing your purpose and living it! No matter what your current circumstances look like today; no matter your past failures or current stagnation; no matter your age or resources God has a plan specifically for you. And, he has equipped you with all spiritual blessings and resources to accomplish the predestined work you were chosen to do.

If you have been blessed by this week’s article, send me an email and don’t forget to share.

God Bless and Again, Happy New Year!

If you missed last week’s podcast you can listen here.

Highlights from today’s podcast:

  1. There is no greater joy than knowing your purpose and living it!
  2. God has a specific plan for your life
  3. God has given you every spiritual blessing and resource to accomplish your work for the kingdom


Talk Back:

  1. What is your vision for a purposeful life in 2019?
  2. What work has God asked of you?


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