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#002 Save Your Money Honey: A DIY for Kitchen Cabinets


Greetings All!

I know that we all like to save money wherever we can. This is especially true about home renos and maintenance. I have been in my home for 17 years and I’d grown tired of my pink-ish standard builder cabinets. A few years ago, I did a small renovation, removing part of a pantry to add additional counter space, adding tile back splash, granite countertops, and new appliances. However, I didn’t change my cabinets. I did investigate the cost and process for new cabinets and cabinet refacing and admit I was a little shocked by the price for both. I put the project on the back burner until I decided  whether I wanted to make the investment.  Well, on this week’s podcast I discuss my DIY kitchen cabinet project. If you recall, one topic I plan to share with my subscribers is DIY projects I like to attempt from time to time. So this week, I discuss what I did, why now, and offer tips for you to save money on your kitchen renovation ideas. You can view the before and after pictures by clicking on My Gallery. As always, I hope that you will leave a comment and subscribe.

A few things to take away from this week’s podcast include:

  • Save your money honey! There is nothing wrong with redesigning on a dime.
  • If you can’t afford to purchase new cabinets or even invest in re-facing, which is not cheap, investigate other alternatives you can do yourself.
  • Make it a fun girl or family get-together and have food, fun, and DIY night (or two)
  • Make a plan for how you will do breakfast/lunch/dinner over the course of the project
  • Do your research on products and application
  • Enjoy!

Quick Links

Youtube: Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet Makeover





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